We know how hard building a career in the arts can be, and we want to make that journey just a bit easier for you. At Artivities Network we believe Art is For Everyone.. and we strive to bring more art into our communities.

If you are passionate about your art, and need to make some additional income as you are still studying or building your career, Please consider teaching with us. Our students and their families love art so much, and they are so grateful for the teachers that bring the inspiration of the Arts into their lives.

By bringing more art into the lives of families and communities, we are creating community and supporting each other as Artists. As we grow as a community, we can create more opportunity for artists, and families to experience the joy of Art together.

We're Hiring!

We are looking for young (that is according to your own view of yourself!) motivated artists who are looking for ways to be involved in the arts while building their career.