When we get up and move we feel most alive.

At Artivities, our movement classes focus on core strength, body awareness, and basic gymnastic skills. We love being upside down.

Life is about movement.​

Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, hockey champ, body awareness, and control is essential for improving your game.... And if you are none of those, then core gymnastics is the best way to keep your body in shape.

All you need is a basement or large room and we do the rest.  Our instructors come prepared with gym mats and any other necessary equipment for that day's lesson.  

Core-Floor Gymnastics is for children, youth, or even adults, with all body types and levels of experience.  We assess and tailor the lessons accordingly and will never make your anyone feel uncomfortable.  Our instructors will help to strengthen and tone  muscles, gain awareness of the body and flexibility, improve agility and balance and all while having a great time.  Parents may request one-on-one Core-Floor Gymnastics to help a child struggling with weight issues or body image, or try some gymnastics themselves. Our instructors teach with dignity and respect. 

We come to you!
What separates Artivities from other children's programs, is that our qualified and friendly instructors come to you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

We offer private in-home classes for both adults and children.

 1-3 participants  $65/hour  •  Each additional   $10/hour

The world is constantly pulsing with energetic frequencies. Although we do not consciously think about it, that movement is taking place within us too, as our hearts pump, and our lungs breathe.

Focused movement for fitness and pleasure is important for us to stay centered in our bodies.  

Core Strength and Body Awareness is for everyone.