Our instructors teach with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the principles of harmony and balance, and the elements of design.
Through personal, tailored study and creation of art, advancement is made in eye-hand coordination, self-confidence, and an appreciation of the world.

What separates Artivities from other programs, is that our qualified and friendly instructors come to you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

We offer all our artivities in the privacy of your home. classes for your child, a few children, or even for yourself and friends, in your home at the same time, or even a small party, we're pleased to meet your needs!  

1-3 participants $65/hour  •  Each additional    $10/hour

Through the visual arts - drawing, sketching, and painting - we begin to explore our understanding of the world around us.  The use of different colors and shapes awaken us to new feelings and sensations.

As we fine tune and develop our understanding of the principles of harmony and balance, and the elements of design, we begin to connect to life in a new way.

Through the study and creation of art we get to learn how to experience the creation of balancing all the energies of our lives on a flat surface. We can then transfer that experience of balance into our lives.

Visual Fine Arts