Art is the feeling of the knowing

Einstien was not a scientist. He was an artist.

There were many great scientists before him, and many great scientists after him. But the reason why Eisnstien made the greatest discoveries of them all, was because he was able to have a feeling of the things he knew, and therefore be creative with his knowledge.

Art is about you being in touch with who you are.

At Artivities, we encourage everyone to try our three pronged approach towards self expression. 
Movement, Drama and Improv, and Visual Arts, through drawing, painting and film making.

In science, we can get away with using only our minds, but in art, we need to use our bodies to express who we are.

True greatness in any subject is when one understands the science of the subject, but also with experience develops a feeling for it. The feeling of the knowing.

At Artivities, we study art like a science. This foundation of knowledge helps us to connect to ourselves, and who we want to be. Then we can express authentically who we really are.

At Artivities... We believe, Art is for Everyone